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Reinforcing materials.

Jaeger offers reinforcing materials for all requirements. The thinner and finer the leather, the greater the necessity of a thin and strong reinforcement. Even during the production of shoes and leather goods, the aim is to protect the leather from over-stretching. Straps require stability and tensile strength. The leather around the eyelets must not lose its shape even when laced tightly.

Our reinforcing materials are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • Large range of products for a wide variety of possible applications
  • Extremely high tear resistance despite minimum thickness
  • High degree of flexibility for easy processing
  • Various coatings for a variety of applications

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    Topline reinforcements

    Tapes for manual or thermal folding to prevent the topline from excessive stretching during de-lasting and for permanent retention of the topline shape. Also available as a self-adhesive variant.

    Strap reinforcement

    High-tenacity and prong-proof woven tapes in various designs – with varying levels of stretch and types of coatings (e.g. with thermoplastic effect for ensuring a firm strap position).

    Shaping strap reinforcements

    Reinforcing straps which, thanks to special technical properties, make straps formable and give them stability. The formability can be achieved by metal threads, thermal coatings or a special finish of the strap, which do not affect the performance or the wearing comfort.

    Upper reinforcements

    Nylon tapes or die-cut parts as lasting or de-lasting reinforcement preventing over-stretching for parts of the upper subject to high loads and for a nice and non-fraying topline thanks to subsequent trimming.

    Reinforcements for leather goods

    Prong-proof tapes as reinforcement for straps; die-cut parts as spot reinforcement for components subject to high loads; reinforcing sheets with various coatings for lending leather goods volume and reinforcement.

    Seam tapes and seam reinforcing tapes

    Flexible adhesive tapes for an attractive and straight back seam or densely-woven tapes for reinforcing a middle seam subject to high loads.