Elastic components for any requirement. Jaeger elastics offer long-term quality and high functionality while representing trendy details. Elastic components make for improved comfort. Shoes adapt to the feet wearing them. And it goes without saying that all raw materials used are environmentally-friendly.

Our elastics are distinguished by the following characteristics:

  • large range of products for a wide variety of possible applications
  • long useful life without any quality losses
  • high-quality, environmentally-friendly raw materials

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    Elastic tapes in a wide variety of designs specially developed for the shoe industry; high elastic strength for long-term elasticity, high weave density for outstanding seam strength, reinforced edges for great wear resistance.

    Elastic bindings

    Tapes for French and U-bindings; for a clean and attractive topline. The elastic-bound topline fits the foot perfectly without restricting movement.

    Buckle elastics

    Elastics with special ladder construction used for straps with prong buckles.

    Other Elastics

    Gathering elastics, elastic cords and special elastics made of synthetic rubber threads.

    Example: Elastics made from synthetic rubber threads (item no. 28110)
    Specially manufactured for being applied in straps – extraordinarily thin, fine and smooth yet very strong. High seam strength thanks to the chemical structure of elastomers, i.e. resistance to damage during stitching (with round point needles).