Components for complex systems.

Building. Future.

Our Mission at Jaeger USA: We develop and supply private-label waterproofing & construction materials as well as branded legacy shoe & leather products to manufacturers, distributors, and resellers in the North American Market. Our mission is to have a Jaeger product in every building and leather good. We provide meaningful work to our employees and create a space where other Jaeger employees will want to come work at JUS.

With almost 100 years of experience, Jaeger manufactures products based on textile and synthetic components for a wide range of industrial applications. These products perform key functions within entire systems: reinforcing, sealing, coating, laminating, cementing and binding. We develop individual solutions to customer requirements in the construction material, shoe, leather goods and automotive industries. By means of ongoing development, Jaeger is also continually tapping new potentials for applications in the area of technology and engineering.

Integrated solutions
Regardless of whether components for sealing buildings or reinforcing shoe uppers are concerned, most of our products are characterized by the fact that they are not visible in the end product. They work unobtrusively yet make an important contribution to the functionality and durability of modern brand products and are therefore an important part of our customers’ company success.

All of our components and services are therefore our primary consideration. However small they might be, perhaps only comprising a tiny part of the overall system or product, they are the most important thing to us. This is where our expertise lies.

Legal, fair, and environmentally friendly behavior
Jaeger attaches great importance to fair and compliant dealings with all its customers, suppliers, and partners. For this reason, we have created a code of conduct that applies equally to us, our employees, and all partners of our company. Our principles are described in detail here, in line with our claim “Protect, Strengthen, Innovate”, and made accessible to everyone.

Success through reliability

The tradition of a long-standing company is always present at Jaeger. It characterises the way we see ourselves. A stable commercial basis is combined with our policy of sustainable business management and responsibility. For the future of our environment and the future of our customers. And finally, another main feature is denoted by a fair amount of reserve. This goes well with our reputation as a specialised supplier of components and with the confidence placed in us by our customers.


Jaeger is a family company with a long-term, sustainable approach to business. Characterised by trust, responsibility, reliability, openness and honesty – towards our employees, customers and suppliers. And towards the environment. These are values which we consider important. They determine the development, production and sale of our products. And we gladly comply with this obligation in all respects. Our claim to be an impulse provider requires a high degree of performance orientation and willingness to change.

A further pillar of our company’s philosophy is a sound financial basis. This makes us independent.


The company was founded in the year 1924 by Johannes Jaeger and his brother Hermann as a conventional weaving mill that manufactured silk tapes and hat-bands. The company’s products were in perfect accord with the fashion trends at the time. In the “Roaring Twenties” art and culture experienced an upswing. Social life was exuberant, and decorative ribbons were an indispensable fashion accessory. In the 1950s, the company expanded its range of products to include technical textiles. Over the decades Jaeger has been able to increase its know-how to every aspect when it comes to the production of functionally-oriented textile products.



in Wuppertal

Corporate structure

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> 500 worldwide
> 250 Wuppertal


5 Family members



  • 9001:2015
  • 14001
  • 50001


The origin of our company is in Wuppertal and to this day it is the central company headquarters. From here we coordinate the activities of our international production facilities and sales offices:

  • Jaeger Austria
  • Jaeger Italia
  • Jaeger France
  • Jaeger USA
  • Jaeger India
  • Jaeger Polska
  • Jaeger Russia
  • Jaeger Nordic
  • Jaeger Iberica
  • Jaeger South Africa
  • Jaeger Turkey

The Jaeger Sustainability Strategy. Responsibility for the future.

100% green power. Conserve resources. CO2-neutral to the customer. Keeping an eye on the process. Sustainable through and through. 100% CO2 neutral by 2030.

As a company that acts for the long term, we see it as part of our corporate responsibility to use resources prudently and want to avoid negative impacts on the environment. We therefore set ourselves ambitious global climate protection targets and will drive forward new solutions for sustainable development. This encompasses all of our company’s activities.

Green Power

Conserve resources



Sustainable products

CO2-neutral by 2030

Sustainability through and through.

To ensure that not only our production site can reduce its impact on the environment, but also our products, we now offer more environmentally friendly alternatives and innovative new solutions in many areas. By using sustainably produced resources such as recycled raw materials or bio-polymers, we contribute to the circular economy. In addition, we put the entire supply chain to the test and are constantly looking for environmentally friendly alternatives.

CO2-neutral to our customers.

We want to set an example with green mobility. That is why we have already converted a large part of our vehicle fleet to e-mobility. The electricity comes from our charging stations, which are alternately fed with green electricity or electricity from our solar plants.

Green power

Energy efficiency is a top priority at Jaeger to prevent emissions from occurring in the first place. Our plants, processes and buildings are state of the art and are constantly being optimized. The consumption of energy cannot always be avoided everywhere. Therefore, it is all the more important to obtain the required energy from renewable and CO2-neutral sources. For this reason, Jaeger obtains all the electricity at its Wuppertal site from renewable sources. In parallel, we are continuously driving the expansion of our own photovoltaic plants in order to contribute our share to the energy turnaround. Our site in Austria has also been converting its electricity supply to renewable energies for some time now. All other sites will follow suit.

Management systems. Keeping an eye on the process.

In our commitment to sustainability and the protection of the environment, we consider certification by an external auditor to be very important. This shows us objectively where we stand and what we need to work on to continuously improve. We are currently certified in the area of sustainability according to DIN ISO 50001 and DIN ISO 14001. More will follow.

DIN ISO 50001:2018
DIN ISO 14001:2015

Conserve resources. Reduce the burden on the environment.

When we think of the finite nature of resources, the first thing that comes to mind for many is fossil fuels, and we think, for example, of switching from heating oil to solar energy. But the same is true for plastics and all other materials made from crude oil. For this reason, we are continuously trying to reduce our production scrap and increase the recycled content in our products. In the past year alone, we were able to significantly reduce our scrap while increasing the proportion of recycled materials.

CO2 neutrality by 2030. Or faster.

Jaeger has set itself the goal of helping to shape the future and declaring war on emissions. By 2030 at the latest, the energy supply of all sites is to be CO2-neutral. The avoidance of harmful emissions for the environment will be significantly reduced. The proportion of recycled raw materials, bio-polymers and renewable raw materials is to be significantly increased.