Components for tiling.

Buildings must be constructed in such a way that no damage can be caused by water, moisture or other influences. Bathrooms, showers, balconies or industrial wet areas must therefore be protected accordingly. Particular care must be taken with the joints, corners, wall penetrations and floor drains. This is normally done using sealing materials which can be applied by brush or spatula, or sealing tapes supplied on rolls.

Jaeger develops, produces and distributes components such as sealing tapes, corners, wall and floor collars as well as sealing and uncoupling membranes. Over the past 15 years, we have developed more than 1,000 different product and detail solutions. In close co-operation with test institutes and approval authorities, national approvals for many countries are audited by several external testing agencies. Our service is thereby integrated in our customer’s quality management systems as we carry out tests, issue test certificates and handle production controls.

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    Sealing membranes

    Sealing membranes offer an economical alternative to sealing systems applied by brush or spatula. Usually attached to the substrate by tile adhesive, they can be directly tiled and jointed.

    The advantages in comparison to sealing systems applied by brush or spatula lie in the consistent thickness of the sealing layer and no delay because of drying times. Easy and fail-safe application and the time saved offer significant benefits.

    Jaeger offers sealing and uncoupling membranes for various areas of application, with a matching mortar system or self-adhesive.

    Decoupling membranes

    Decoupling Membranes compensate the physically different behavior of substrate and ceramic coating. In addition, they stabilize the ground and serve for load transfer at high point loads. Usually, they are applied to the substrate by means of tile adhesive and ensure immediate processing. Jaeger supplies decoupling sheets for different applications.

    Sealing tapes

    Special sealing tapes are available for sealing corners and joints. These Jaeger products are carefully designed to ensure exact compatibility with the other building materials involved and according to the relevant moisture stress classes.

    We give extensive advice to our customers in the selection of components for the relevant application. In our own technical support center at Jaeger USA as well as the application technology facility Visitec, we investigate the suitability of the entire system according to specific customer testing standards and ANSI standards.


    We offer inside and outside sealing corners. The use of these prefabricated products represents essential savings in time on the building site. Compatibility in the sealing system is also co-ordinated to the remaining components.


    We produce various collars for easy sealing of pipe penetrations. For all standard pipe diameters or as expansion zone collars. We also offer numerous specially-formed floor collars and special parts for fast sealing of channels and drains.

    These components complement our customers’ products to produce entire systems which enable safe and feasible work on site.


    Cut-Protector for the protection of the sealing layer when replacing silicone joints. The tape is double-woven like a hose, which increases the cutting resistance.

    Upstand tape

    Upstand tape for waterproof connection of shower and bathtubs to the surface seal. The tape is equipped with a siliconized strip that allows extreme adhesion to silicone. Very easy to work with. Good compatibility with many processing materials.


    Products are selected depending on the intended purpose and system compatibility. In an effort to facilitate this choice, we have divided the JSTI products into so-called platforms. This enables us to offer a maximum number of combination options in order to realise your exact requests and product requirements. This useful platform structure has meanwhile become established throughout the sector.

    Platform I

    Sealing layer applied as strips on a non-woven backing.

    Platform II

    Sealing layer applied as strips on a loose-knit backing.

    Platform III

    Double-sided sealing layer across full width of tape (no strips).

    Platform V

    Products with self-adhesive components.