Components for airproofing.

Air-tightness is an increasingly important aspect in constructing and refurbishing buildings. An air-tight building shell prevents moisture from penetrating from the outside and thermal energy from dissipating from within. We have extended our range of products for the construction industry to include components for airtight buildings. We offer individual products and solutions for achieving an airtight building shell.
Our range currently comprises components for airtight connections and airtight spot penetrations. Self-adhesive windo tapes for sealing windows and complex components as well as easily-processed system components, e.g. corners and collars for wall and cable penetrations.

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    Window tapes

    For air- and watertight sealing between window profile and masonry.

    • Available as vapor-permeable, diffusion-inhibiting and vario version
    • Easy processing, can be adhered on many substrates
    • Plasterable and paintable
    • Complies with DIN 4108-7, EnEV and RAL guidelines
    • With pressure-sensitive adhesive coating (hotmelt) either fully coated, coated with 20 mm strip or coated on both sides
    • On request with butyl-strip
    • Width: 70/100/150 mm, roll length: 25 m
    • Other dimensions possible

    Window tape inside

    Polyethylene film covered on one side with non-woven for diffusion-inhibiting, inside sealing of window joints.

    Window tape outside

    Polyurethane film covered on one side with non-woven for diffusion-open, outside sealing of window joints.

    Window tape vario

    Polyamide film covered on one side with non-woven and variable SD-Value for sealing outside as well as inside window joints.

    Self-adhesive sealing corner

    We offer self-adhesive sealing corners for airtight sealing of corner installations. These easy-to-install system components represent significant savings in time and dispense with tape patches which are susceptible to faults.

    20 mm strip

    Variant with a one-sided 20 mm self-adhesive strip on hotmelt base.


    Fully-coated variant in the widths 70, 100 or 150 mm on hotmelt base.

    Coating on both sides

    Variant with full-surface coating on one side and 20 mm strip coating on the other side. Coating on hotmelt base.