Below Grade Waterproofing.

Buildings must be protected against penetration by moisture and damp. Construction joints, expansion joints, cracks and transitional areas represent a particular challenge for all subsequent sealing work. Jaeger has developed corresponding joint sealing membranes for all types of joints and areas of application. In different material thicknesses, widths, material compositions and expansion characteristics. For both negative and positive pressure.

Jaeger sealing membranes have been developed for use in combination with all common sealing systems – polyurethane sealing, epoxy resin systems, cement sealing compounds or bitumen coatings. High chemical resistance, extreme resistance to UV light and mechanical stress, and outstanding adhesion and welding characteristics – these are just some of the main properties of our products for sealing against moisture. All products are subject to a thorough internal and external test programme, and in some cases also to annual external audits. Safety and durability are the prime considerations in this case.

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    JST-O Monoflex

    High-performance waterproof sealing tape for sealing outdoor building partition and structural joints exposed to permanent water pressure, for example. Installation with suitable adhesives/sealants on many different substrates in areas subject to particularly high loads.

    JST-O Flex

    Transverse-elastic, longitudinally-stable non-woven with thermoplastic elastomer coating; strong and non-tearing. For waterproofing outdoor building partition and structural joints. Covered installation with suitable adhesives/sealants on many different substrates, i.e. no permanent exposure to UV radiation.

    Doubleflex Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane

    Doubleflex Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane is a self-sealing system for a fast and simple installation process without the need of chemical based construction sealants. It achieves its full sealing function in combination with freshly poured wet concrete (classes F4-F6)

    Membrane: Flexible Polyolefine (FPO)

    Coverage: Modified Polypropylene needle-punch non-woven Self-adhesive strip: Butyl rubber, highly elastic, resistant to ageing and release liner

    Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane Post Applied

    Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane Post Applied
    The Doublestick Fully Bonded Sheet Membrane-Post Applied (FMB–PA) is a new sealing sheeting system used for the post waterproofing of areas of the concrete structure in contact with the ground. It is applied cold to dried concrete or to precast concrete elements by means of a self-adhesive coating. The membrane is made of a flexible polyolefine FPO and modified polyethylene.

    Release foil: Crepped release liner

    Coating: Hotmelt based adhesive

    Membrane: Flexible Polyolefine (FPO)


    For sealing corners, we offer ready-made internal or external corners that are already coated with butyl as required. The use of these system parts results in significant time savings on the construction site.


    For the sealing of pipe penetrations, we offer collars for all common pipe diameters. The use of system parts ensures proper sealing to a particularly high degree and ensures economical work on the construction site. Depending on the application, the collars are already coated with butyl.