Why You Should Add Sheet Membranes To Your Product Line

Sheet membranes are a key product we manufacture at Jaeger USA and a vital component of tile waterproofing. If you serve consumers in this industry, adding sheet membranes to your lineup is essential. Here are 3 reasons why:

– Diversification: Adding sheet membranes to your product line allows you to cater to a wider range of customer needs.

– Increased Revenue: sheet membranes are essential for tile installations, especially in wet areas. By adding sheet membranes to your product line, you can tap into demand and generate additional revenue.

– Competitive Edge: Offering sheet membranes gives you a competitive edge in the market by catering to customers’ one-stop-shop needs and differentiating yourself from competitors.

When adding sheet membranes to your line, you can include all the accessories to insure a watertight seal.  Some of the accessories we offer are inside and outside corners, seam tape, and pipe collars.  This allows you to include a warranty with your system which gives you a further advantage over your competitors.

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